Moses mate! You've just returned from up North, where did you go and what adventures did you have?

I was up at Gnaraloo for a couple of weeks. It's so good to get out of the city and into the desert: no reception, no social media, no schedules. While I was up there we didn't get any big swells so it was fun just hanging about, surfing and fishing. I had my parents and my girlfriend up there with me so it was, as always, a fun trip.

We saw through the wonders of Instagram your trip to South Africa right before that! What was the program there?

South Africa was incredible! I went over with my Mum and my Grandma, and we met up with a couple of other Aussie boys doing the same thing. We were there for a month, I was competing in the 3 QS events over there: Lamberts Bay, Durban and Cape Town. 

Give us the highlights!

The waves weren't amazing for the contests, but I got to surf pumping J-Bay so that was really special! The animals over there are so awesome! We had a couple days at a safari park and we also visited a Cheetah park where we got to see Cheetahs, Lions and Leopards up close. We even got to pet a Cheetah! I met heaps of friends and made lots of new ones which is always a bonus!

You spent a bit of time with Jordy Smith's Dad -  how was that?!

Jordy Smith's dad Gee (Graham) is a legend! He shaped me a couple of boards and picked us up from the airport in Durban. It was a great experience to hang out with him and listen to all his stories about Jordy growing up chasing the same dream I have. Best coach on the planet! Haha.

What does the rest of 2017 look like for Moses?

I'm heading off to the UK and Europe for that leg of QS events early August. I go to Newquay first, then to France for a couple of events, then to Pantin, Spain, and finally heading to the Azores Islands in Portugal. Planning a few other trips before the end of the year as well! 

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