Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Surf Bar?

It’s food. It’s an energy source made from natural ingredients designed and tested by surfers for surfing. 

How is it different to other ‘energy, protein or health bars’?

Surf Bars are different because they were made and tested with only one thing in mind. To keep you surfing better for longer. The Surf Bars don’t follow a health fad or other special requirements except that they should taste great and be made from natural ingredients. This allows Surf Bars to change and evolve as we do.

When do I eat it?

Whenever you want! Surf Bars are designed to be eaten on the way to the surf to give you the energy, minerals, vitamins, fats and oils to keep you out there having fun. Likewise, you might prefer to eat one between sessions or even during!

What are the protein powders for?

We released those for people to make their own delicious smoothies, smoothie bowls and other recipes such as cookies and pancakes. We encourage maximum use of fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds because they taste awesome and it’s a convenient way to make sure you are getting everything you need diet wise for a healthy and active lifestyle. The protein powders are great for muscle recovery and weight control.

Where do the ingredients come from?

We ask ourselves three questions when sourcing ingredients for Surf Meal products:

  1. Is it the best?, 

  2. Can it be sourced locally?, 

  3. If not local, then we get it from the country that the ingredients originally grew.

I see you have Whey Protein - Do you have plant-based Protein?

Yes we do, we always have and the range is always being extended. Depending on the effect and taste, we use Pea, Brown Rice and Hemp Protein.

What is the ‘Green Room Super Greens’ used for?

The surfer knows the feeling. When you are on a surf-adventure either camping, living out of a van, travelling to tropical destinations, it is always so hard to find good fruit and vegetables. This means you end up eating the same stuff (usually not very healthy) and you end up getting run down or feel sluggish. Knowing this, we set out to make a Super Greens Powder that had all the minerals and vitamins our bodies can absorb from plants and veggies and put them into the perfect travelling buddy. Many of our team riders take our Super Greens on tour to keep the immune system in perfect order.

What stores are you in?

You find us in your small local grocery, café or surf shop, we keep it real and like to have Surf Meal in the stores that we go to. If you have a store in mind that you would like to see Surf Meal in let us know by email at

What are you delivery times?

For online orders we always use express and have the order processed within 1 day. Generally, that means you will get your order with 3-4 days, depending on where the weekend falls in that time. *Hint – order in the morning at the start of the week to get it real quick.

Do you post outside of Australia?

We can but the freight is expensive and not saying it’s not worth it but we are preparing to set up operations in the USA and UK.

What is the Surf Meal Recycling Program?

That is one of our favourite initiatives because it really sets us apart and rewards our customers. If you send the Surf Bar wrappers and/or tubs or arrange them to be collected (enquire first) we give you online credit for each item! Then we take the wrappers and tubs and put them into the various recycling and re-use projects we have. 

For each wrapper you receive $1 and for each tub you receive $5. 

We encourage people to take the opportunity while it lasts because we are developing compostable and biodegradable options that will survive the adventure lifestyle!

What is the Surf Meal Supply Drop?

That is another great service that we provide whereby our customers program their favourite Surf Meal products to arrive at the door each month. Our Supply Drop customers receive free-shipping, discounts and other exclusive bonuses.