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Welcome to The Surf Meal Co. Recycling and Reusing Program.

What is it?

Basically, we take responsibility for the packaging of our products. We do this by encouraging and rewarding Surf Meal lovers to send our packaging back to us. From there we ensure that it goes to the right place, either to the recycling centre or to people that love to reuse and repurpose this stuff.

What are the rewards?

For every Surf Bar wrapper you send back we give you $1 online credit.

For every Surf Bar Powder container you send back we give you $5 online credit.

How do I send it back?

The best way to send it back is to use your local Post office and put the items in an envelope or a satchel bag. Make sure you put your name clearly on the package so that we can drop you a message to let you know we’ve received the package.

Send to:

The Surf Meal Co.

20/8 James St 

Perth WA 6000