Here’s the good stuff. The things that make the Surf Bar so damn delicious. All natural energy sources with a side of Magnesium to assist in muscle regularity and function (We know how much everyone hates Surf Cramps!). We’ve done all the boring research so you don’t have to! Simply grab a bar and fuel or re-fuel your surfing escapes.

small enough to slide into the arm or chest of your wetsuit. Whether it is a quick sesh first-up before work, right through to day-long paddle-epics, Surf Bar has you covered

Batch one : the choc cherry


60G INGREDIENTS: Organic rice malt, chocolate WPI, cranberries, coconut, malitol, pepitas, almonds, sour cherry concentrate, cocoa, l-glutamine, coconut oil, magnesium, guarana cherry flavour.

* all sugars are naturally occuring