Surf Bar - Vanilla Coconut

Surf Bar - Vanilla Coconut

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The second SURF BAR made from wholesome natural ingredients and tailored for surfing, this one is for all you vanilla fans!

Packed with seeds, fruits and nuts, the Vanilla Coconut Surf Bar is our most powerful yet packing over 16g of protein per serve this one is a monster!

With added magnesium to help with those surf cramps, and guarana as a natural energy source. The result is a delicious piece of goodness to fuel your epic sessions from the first paddle to the last!

The SURF BAR is the perfect pre-surf snack, or post-surf recovery meal. Ideal for any adventure packed with heaps of naturally sourced energy from a variety of natural ingredients and zero refined sugar.

Get the most out of your next surf or adventure with the best surf food from the Original and Best Surf Food Company.

Box contains 10 Surf Bars.

Also available through our Supply Drop Subscription service.

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