Good Vibe - Issue 8 - 1st March 2019


 A Most Salty Adventure

You may have wondered who that man is with the blond locks shredding and getting tubed on recent Surf Meal clips. That my friends, is Jasper Endersby. I met Jasper and his fiancé Monique in late 2017. They had recently set off on their around Australia trip with their adorable dog Bowie and their 89’ Landcruiser 'Troopy'. They found Surf Meal perfect for their adventure food needs and we soon struck up a friendship. Having enjoyed hanging out with these legends and because Monique and Bowie are unavailable, I would like to introduce you to Jasper!

G’day Mate! Been getting any waves lately? 

Mate the waves have been super fun, only been small but some real nice summer days with the lads. Let’s hope that sun hangs around for a bit longer. 

 We’ve seen you in recent Surf Meal edits but we actually got to know each other through Salty Travellers. 

Yeah so Salty Travellers (@saltytravellers) is the social media handle that Monique and I use to document our Oz trip, we try and capture images and videos of the things we love doing whilst on our adventures and then showcase them on our blog and social pages. We left Noosa Heads back in June 2017 and have been on the road ever since, we both grew up there and felt we needed to get out and see more of our amazing country, we both love our surfing, diving, fishing and camping so the plan was to just do those things every day.

Sounds perfect to me! You guys might not be from WA but I think the state will happily claim you! You’ve been ripping since you got here and you guys made the cover of the RAC magazine, how did that come about?

(Laughing) Nah just a couple of blow ins from QLD although we have been in WA for over a year now, the time has flown by! Bowie doesn't mind getting salty either! As for the RAC Magazine cover, we had taken that drone image up north somewhere of the beaten track whilst on the hunt for waves and spangled emperor, I think we pulled over to take in the view and Monique chucked the drone up for a quick look and managed to capture that amazing image, RAC got in touch and wanted to use it for the front cover which was cool, but we are still waiting for our free lifetime membership! (Laughing) It’s probably in the mail. 

 The photos and stories you guys make are insane where does this skill with the camera come from ?

 I can't really take any credit for the photography, Monique kills it behind the lens and she has always had a strong passion for photography since high school, we only just recently bought a new decent camera which is amazing, so most of our shots came from an old beat up RAC liked their photos so much they Canon 550D so it's impressive what she was able to get out of it. put on them front cover!

 As a bit of a waterman and someone that likes to live off the land, how have you enjoyed the diving scene over here? Getting into cray and abalone yet? 

 Yeah we love free-diving and spearfish and have been doing it a lot on the road, it's so good to catch your own food and definitely helps to save on shopping costs when living on a budget. Noosa has some pretty amazing diving, it's very similar to north WA a lot of the same species we just don't get any abalone or dhufish. 

Surf Meal will be in Noosa next week, I’ll have to get a couple of spots off you. Where too next for the Salty Travellers? 

 Yeah no worries mate, got a couple of honey holes for you to check out! We are heading back up north over the winter and plan to make it right up to Darwin to see the Kakadu and all there other amazing national parks, then come down the centre of AUS to visit Uluru, then we will probably make our way back up the east coast slowly, but who knows we often change our minds! 

 The adventure continues! Well thanks for taking the time to chat bud, stoked our paths crossed. 

No worries it's been a pleasure, and I'd love to just say a huge thanks to you and Surf Meal, all of the amazing products have kept both of us firing on all cylinders throughout each day whilst on the road and we feel so lucky to have come across such an epic company. Mate, no worries!

 Life is good at Camp Salty!

 Next week Surf Meal will be in QLD road tripping between Noosa and Byron, if you are round make sure to drop us a line otherwise stay tuned for more Good Vibes!

 The Weeks Recipe is a Mocha Flavoured Granola Smoothie Bowl that will set you and your day up very nicely! Blend, Share and Enjoy!

  •  1 Scoop Carving Choc Surf Protein

  • 2x Bananas (1 Frozen)

  • 1/2 Cup of Almond Milk

  • 1 Tablespoon Nut Butter

  • 1 Cup Spinach

  • 1 Cup Strawberries

  • 1 Shot Coffee

  • 1 Cup Granola Mix

  • 3x Ice Cubes