Good Vibe - Issue 10 - 15th May 2019

15th May 2019 - Issue 10 - GOOD VIBE 


Announced by the WSL last week, one of Surf Meals favourite surfers gets a well-deserved call up. Surf Meal delivered Surf Bars to the Airport for him and Water Patrol Australia to keep them powered for Bali event.


The new recipe Surf Bars were released last week. The updated recipes are part of the new. to 'Surf Meal' and introduce the 'Winged Power Arm'. The Vanilla Coconut was the first Surf Bar to get a face-lift, we chose that one because the recipe is so different. The feedback has already been amazing with a few people saying both are awesome and that the Choc Cherry recipe is the best ever! We know Founder Steele agrees because he has eaten more of the new ones than anyone!


A fun addition to the Surf Meal activity list has been the Surf Meal Fantasy League. Adding an extra level of excitement to the WSL events, crew have been enjoying the chance to win a free box of Surf Bars for having most points for each contest. One of Surf Meal's favourite surfers Jacob Wilcox got the call up for Keramas last week and on the way to Airport organised some Surf Bars to be delivered to the airport to help him with his energy requirements for the contest. Then only a day later, Perry Hatchett, former WSL Head Judge, now operating the highly regarded Water Patrol Safety called in the same favour. Flying over to Keramas to share his expertise with the Balinese Water Patrol, Perry was keen to stock up on Surf Bars for the long days on the water ahead.


Speak to anyone in the know and they will tell you that Lewy Finnegan is one of if not 'the' best bodyboarder in the world right now. Last week Surf Meal spent 36 hours with this incredible young man.

We had been talking with Lewy about doing an overnight camping/surf trip for a while. Fortunately (and finally!) Our calendars aligned and so too the waves. Leaving at 4:30am on Wednesday morning we were surfing 'Baby Box" in Yallingup by 9:30am. Steele had somehow lost his 'fin pin', the pin that holds the fin into the box on older single fin boards. Not deterred he fashioned one from a stick found in the carpark.

The surf itself had a nice long 18 second period with light offshores, creating a nice 'chip in' to the 2-3 footers that would stand-up and curl into a good looking slab over some shallow reef. Being caught inside was deceptively treacherous. With one surf down it was time to visit a few stores and stock them with the new recipe Surf Bars, and the empty shelves were grateful to be full again. After a 'deli-made' roll from Margies IGA, we sought our second surf. This time at 'The Box'. Persisting with the single fin, now with a real 'fin-pin', Steele was happy to pick off a couple of runners and watch Lewy, true to form, getting steeper and deeper than anyone pulling into some 'real Box' setups. As for the camping, Steele and Lewy, simply broke track and entered random forest somewhere near Redgate and setup in dark. After a camp fire oven of choice veggies and spices, some bush poetry reading by Steele and epic stories from Lewy... To be continued..