Good Vibe - Issue 5 - Feb 8th 2019


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  • SURF MEAL IN QLD 4-12 MAR 19

  • SURF MEAL IN BALI 14-20 APR 19

Welcome Back to Looking Ahead

Welcome back! We took a little a break from publication over the summer and stoked to be back. Firstly, we want wish every Surf Mealer reading this newsletter a fun and prosperous year, there is already a particularly good feel about it! You may have noticed over the summer we have introduced a new logo. We feel like it says a lot about what we are doing and we already love how it looks. The original logo will be still be used in some circumstances and it is still dear to us but we did enjoy the creative process.

Our designer Justus, somehow pulled the ideas being thrown around and put them into a picture, no easy task! Justus, an excellent photographer, on socials @pinesandpalmtrees, had his drone photography feature in the City of Mosman annual calendar. Well done Justus!

We will be updating our the looks of all our products to match the progression and can't wait to show them off. We have re-designed the Vanilla Coconut Bar and it is amazing! All the prototypes have been eaten and we are aiming for a Mar-April release. So stay tuned and join in when you can, 2019 is going to be sick, we can't wait to share the adventure as it unfolds!

This year is looking action packed. Already this summer, we have run three filming days down south. During these sessions we invite all the available Surf Meal Team to the best break we can get to and have filmmaker Isaac Jones on the beach capturing the session. The result some really good footage for everyone, either to study and improve, laugh at, get stoked on and splash all over social media.

Welcome to the Team - Zali Hewson

Recipe Of The Week


  • 1 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

  • 1.5 TBS Surf Meal High Voltage

  • Vanilla protein powder (Vegan or Whey)

  • 0.5 TBS Surf Meal Green Room  Super Greens

  • ½ cup frozen mixed berries or your favourite berry combination

  •  ½ banana frozen

  • 1 cup spinach frozen


 Got a favourite recipe? Send it in. If we post it we'll send you a prize!

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