Good Vibe - Issue 4 - Dec 21st 2018



  •  23 Dec - Catch Surf Summer Slam at Trigg Point


  • Central Coast Women's Pro Feb 27 Mar 4

  • Surf Meal Co visit QLD - Mar 3-12

  • Noosa Longboard Open - Mar 7-10

  • April 2019 - BL's Blast Off Bali

Surf Meal Stockist Spotlight/Story

This week we put the spot light on Gracie’s General. This warm little store harks back to a time when small settlements had a single store that took care of all household needs, from food to fuel, the classic General Store. Located in the heart of Gracetown, it is the port of call for every hungry surfer, fisherman and their families.

This story about Gracies General and how it has particular reverence for Surf Meal, begins down the road, at the Prevelly Store.  Isn’t this about Gracies General you ask? Yes it is, but, after all we know that it’s the people inside that make the store. 

In March 2017, Margaret River was once again set upon by the troubadours of the WSL for the annual pro surfing contest. Having just spent the last six months getting ready to release our first product,  the goal was to launch the 'SURF BAR' at the biggest surfing event we could. The Quik Pro on the Gold Coast was too soon and the Bells Pro was too far away, the Margies Pro would be perfect.

Hampered by printing issues, our contact at the packaging place left for long service leave without notice or informing his colleagues of our work. Then by freight and timing, delays in manufacture and truck damage meant that we would not receive the SURF BARS to Perth  until the second day of the contest window. Undeterred we collected them and drove through the night to arrive at the contest site in the morning. Having exhausted ourselves with all the activities around trying to get the SURF BARS in the right place, we hadn’t given much thought to what we were going to do once we got them!

Steele recalls: “ I remember clearly, we stood looking out at the surf, with our Surf Meal shirts on, box in hand, and thought what do we do now?!” After walking around getting funny looks from people when asking them “would you like to try a SURF BAR?”, we decided that it would be better to see if a store would buy and sell them. The first store was the closest, Prevelly General. The owner at the time, Mike, was the first store owner to give them a go. He bought one box and put them on the shelf. “It was a very proud moment, and my immediate thought was – well I better keep doing this” Steele said of approaching stores. Six months later Mike had packed up operations at Prevelly in favour of Gracetown and we were greeted with even more enthusiasm for the products as the range had grown. Gracies General became the first store to take the full Surf Meal range and enjoys a special place in Surf Meal legend. 

Once Mike gave us a start it was clear others would too. One of the joys of business relationships, is that seeing each other grow and prosper, provide honest feedback and have a laugh. “Every time I head south, I pull in to get a coffee at Gracies and walk out stoked, and always with some other joyous morsel”

Bags Are Packed

2019 is already shaping up to be huge - Surf Meal will be spending the first week of March in Noosa in support of Josh Constable's first Pro Tour competition in 9 years. Meanwhile Claire Bevo will be in NSW for the first big QS events in Oz. If you are around be sure to get in contact and we'll go for a wave.

Surf Meal Action

This week Surf Meal headed south as the conditions looked favourable mid-week. We ended up catching up with a heap of the crew. We jumped aboard in Claire’s Nissan Patrol with Ned and Brock and took the bumpy track to Three Bears. Greeted with clean lines and light off shore winds and a casual crowd, the froth meter was bouncing. Although, when there are two surf-groms in the back of your car the froth meter is always bouncing.

Claire was in coach mode and encouraged the boys to take their ‘step ups’ out get used to surfing them, which they wisely obliged. I was in single fin mode and got to work catching as many waves as the craft would allow. Claire and the boys were ripping and we bailed when the wind started to come in. As we walked up the hill, we were passed by Taj Burrow, who having come back from a recent injury, was jumping out of his skin to surf. We sat on the hill munching SURF BARS watching the action before starting the day. It was Good Vibe.

TEAM RIDER - Meet Owen Schultz

  • Age: 38 years young

  • Home Break: The Break with no-one out

  • Interests: All sports, outdoors, adventures, getting off the beaten track

  • Favourite Surfer: The ones that don’t hassle for waves

  • Favourite Surf Meal: Choc Cherry SURF BAR and Green Room Super Greens

  • Highlight of 2018: Two weeks at an undisclosed Big Wave location

  • Best Competitive Result: I don’t compete

  • Biggest Lesson of 2018: WA’s Instagram etiquette

  • Goals for 2019: To surf Jaws

  • Final Words: Thank you to everyone that has helped me out through the course of this journey.

 Recipe of the Week - Egg Nog Smoothie

  • 1/2 Cup Eggnog.

  • 1 Cup of Ice Cubes

  • 1/2 Cup Ice Cold Water or Choice of Milk.

  • 1 Scoop of Surf Meal High Voltage

  • Vanilla (Whey or Vegan)

  • Sprinkle with Cinnamon and Nutmeg

  • 1/2 Tsp Vanilla Essence

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