Good Vibe - Issue 3 - Dec 14th 2018


DEC 14TH 2018 - ISSUE 3


Water Patrol Australia & The Surf Meal Co. extend Partnership


  • Billabong Pipe Masters - Window is Open!!

  • 14 Dec - Yahoo Surfboards - Show and Tell


  • TBC 22 Dec - Catch Surf Summer Slam

  • Surf Meal Co visit QLD - Mar 3-12

  • April 2019 - BL's Blast Off Bali

Water Patrol Australia & Surf MeaL Partner again for 2019 Water Patrol Australia (WPA) and The Surf Meal Co. will continue their partnership in 2019. Next year sets to be another big year for both West Australian based companies with an upgraded list of surfing competitions and a busy list of internal activities. 2019 will mark the third year of partnership, one that always made sense to Steele Walster - Founder of The Surf Meal Co. "Watch Perry and Ant on comp day, they don't come in, they can't - they are keeping everyone in the water safe. It was obvious these guys would benefit from Surf Meal and that was it!" WPA was formed in the surf rich coastline of Margaret River by two of Western Australia's most experienced ocean enthusiasts, Paul Paterson and Perry Hatchett.

Perry is an icon of surfing having spent 20 years as the Surfing World Tours Head Judge and being responsible the 'Best Two Wave' scoring system and criteria changes in the WSL scoring system. Just as much a legend, Paul has two top 3 finishes in the hallowed Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational. WPA are recognised as the premier water safety team boasting an impressive lineup containing some of the most professional, skilled and experienced Water Safety crew in the world. Perry ensures that their equipment, training and procedures are always top of the game. It is for these reasons they are the first to be called into action for offical WSL events, prestigious local board rider events, such as Yal Mal and MR Classic. Not to mention when the providing safety for Big Screen productions.

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This week we put the spot-light on one of my favourite Surf Stores Yahoo Surfboards in Dunsborough. They just get it totally right here. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff, a huge range of surf hardware (including Surf Meal!) presented beautifully in a large open

area brimming with surfing memorabilia. For me the best surf stores look to the future, pay homage to the past and live in the present. It is no wonder that the retail curse that has afflicted many surf retail stores has had no bearing at Yahoo. I was initially enamoured with Yahoo on my first Surf Meal visit. This was when we had only one 'Surf Bar' and they came in blank boxes that I individually stamped and tied with string. Luckily, 'Hillsy' was the first to hear about the 'Surf Bar' and being a man of keen entrepreneurial spirit gave it a go. Only a week later, I received a call for a re-stock as the resident big wave crew that call Yahoo home had cleaned them out, sighting the 'Surf Bar' as the perfect solution energy for their 'abnormal' wave hunting activities. Since then the Yahoo has been Dunsborough home for our products.

The Yahoo Family was established in Dunsborough in 1990. At the helm is Mark Ogram, master craftsman and purveyor of foam. Discontented with the cold winters of New Zealand, Mark,

Sherylle, and their first son Jed skipped the Tasman Sea to set up camp in Western Australia. After a stint working as a shaper for Rusty Surfboards in Perth alongside Greg Laurenson and John Carper, Mark gave in to the charm of Yallingup and the family, now with second son Zak, made the permanent move down south.

This Friday from 5pm Yahoo Surfboards is their Xmas wrap-up - Z Shapes shaper Zac will be talking about their specially designed glassing construction for WA conditions.

Board Riders News

The Metro Board Riders held their inaugural season wind up at the Aloha

Warehouse last Sunday - The stationary barrel in full action. The funnest club out registration for 2019 is now OPEN!

Have you heard about the Surf Meal Supply Drop?

It is our online subscription Choose your Supply Drop service. Your favourite Surf Meals and Save a minimum of arrive at your door automatically $45 over 6 months each month.

Product news Ration Tin UPDATE!

The super popular ration tins have now been painted. They will be ready for shipping this Monday. The 1st batch sold out in 1 day and with only 20 available before Christmas!

Team Riders Latest

Claire and Ned have been working hard on building Claires latest addition to her block down south. Located right near super fun surf break Inji Carpark - Ned has wisely secured first dibs on the spare bedroom! Jerome and Owen took advantage of yesterday's choice conditions in WAs south west and scored some serious vision. Check the insta profiles for instant froth.

Kai and his buddies have been scoring clean runners all week in Secret Harbour and will be looking forward to the start of school holidays!

Over East Josh, Dale, Sophie and Lily will be licking their lips as the first cyclone of the season starts to push down those epic north swells!

Stay tuned for next Good Vibe Newsletter next week - have an epic weekend!

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