Good Vibe - Issue 2 - DEC 7th 2018




The Surf Meal Co. appoint Cris Mills as their team strength and conditioning coach.


  • 8 Dec - Billabong Pipe Masters

  • 8 Dec - Metro Boardrider's at Aloha Wavehouse Joondalup

  • 14 Dec - Yahoo Surfboards - Show and Tell

  • TBC 22 Dec - Catch Surf Summer Slam

  • Surf Meal Co visit QLD - Feb/Mar

  • April 2019 - BL's Blast Off Bali


Cris mills appointed as strength and Conditioning coach Surf Meal Co. Founder Steele Walster announced via social media on Tuesday that Cris Mills has been appointed the official strength and conditioning coach for The Surf Meal Co. team.

The appointment of Cris, marks another step by the Surf Meal Co. in their commitment to their team riders and for communicating their message of health, fun and a purposeful life.

Cris is a qualified Foundation Training Instructor. The Foundation Training program is very popular among surfers including Kelly Slater and many big wave experts.

"Our team riders current and future will enjoy unprecedented access to the world class training Cris offers. With good health, sound mental fortitude and great people around them - people can achieve what ever they desire" Steele said.

Foundation Training was developed in Florida US by Dr. Eric Goodman. The training focuses on developing core strength and improving postural alignment, has become very successful in prolonging peoples ability to participate in their favourite physical activities.

Find Cris online at

Cris Mills, is a qualified practitioner of Foundation training, CHEK Practitioner, Remedial Therapist and Surf Coach. Originally from Florida, he now resides in Yallingup spending his time coaching out of KT's Studio in Dunsborough and conducting Surf Strength Coaching trips around the world.

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It will come as no surprise that I have chosen a 'single fin' of sorts to profile. Well known is my love of the smooth glide of a good single fin. However, as we come into summer (smaller waves, bigger crowds) I often find myself reminding people that when buying a new board, adding something bigger to your quiver can add a tonne of surfing days to your calendar. Often when we remove fins we remove the ego and get back to basics. Getting in the water and having fun! The Huevo, is a classic hybrid board that incorporates the best of both the shortboard and longboard. Its round nose and fuller tail gives plenty of floatation and makes paddling a breeze. Where its shorter length and 2 + 1 fin set up makes for fast responsive turns and manoeuvrability. Creative Army Surfboards are designed and shaped by 2006 Longboard World Champ Josh Constable. Known for his high performance and stylish surfing, Josh takes his knowledge and experience to the shapers table and puts it under your feet.

  • Sizes - 6'4" to 8'1"

  • Tail shape - round

  • Rocker -Traditional

  • Fin set up - 2+1

  • Wave size - Chest - 2x Overhead

Find Josh Online at

Josh C. qualified for next years Pro Longboard Tour at the Taiwan Open. After 8 years away his 1st event will be at his home break, Noosa, in March next year!

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Product News - 4th SURF BAR

Final adjustments are being made to our first Pro Model SURF BAR. The apricot, nut and honey combination has been designed by Team Rider Claire Bevilacqua. We hope to have the fourth SURF BAR ready for release early 2019. The super popular ration tins have arrived and we will start painting and packing them shortly. The 1st batch sold out in 1 day and with only 20 available before Christmas we are offering our mailing list subscribers a pre-sale opportunity. Claire Bevilacqua will be surfing for Italy at the next Olympic Games

Stay tuned for next Good Vibe Newsletter next week - have an epic weekend!

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