Good Vibe - ISSUE 1 - NOV 28TH 2018


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NOV 28TH 2018 - ISSUE 1


Watch team rider and legend Josh Constable make his comeback to the Longboard World Tour at the Taiwan Open of Surfing. Watch LIVE at


  • 1-2 Dec - The Yallingup Malibu Classic

  • 8 Dec - Billabong Pipe Masters

  • 8 Dec - Metro Boardrider's at Aloha Wavehouse Joondalup

  • TBC 22 Dec - Catch Surf Summer Slam

  • April 2019 - BL's Blast Off Bali

Let's start a newsletter!

G'day - I just want to start by saying thank you for your support! 2018 has been an amazing year for so many reasons. None of which could have happened without you. Something that has been on my mind for a while, has been to find a way to keep you all up to date with the adventures that we (includes you!) are creating. That is what this newsletter is about, spreading the froth as we like to say. Each week we will look at whats been happening, what to look forward to, talk to the team riders, look at products being developed, share our favourite recipes and reads, probably throw in some competitions for you to get involved in and hand out some discount codes and freebies basically let the good vibes roll.

My best,

Steele x

Always love hearing from you so send in your ideas, stories, recipes and feedback. Please send to


You may have seen a brief flashing of these on socials. I made a small batch of these survival tins to aide the message of the functionality of our products in a cool way. To keep you doing what you must do. I love the idea of our products being used on epic adventures. If you have seen one of the tins you'll recognise the inspiration. During the last few years of my Army service, I was responsible for looking at the nutritional requirements and challenges for sustaining deployed forces and displaced people from emergency or disaster situations.

These are unique scenarios involve extreme mental and physical exertion and attention. When we are emotionally involved in what we are doing, it becomes easy to neglect our bodies. After all, health comes after survival. On the other end of the scale of emotions, when we are on surf adventures we can get caught up in the moment and lose sight in just the same way. For example, the last surf trip I went on the best day of surf was the last day!

As for the Survival Tins - I couldn't hang on to them long enough to even put them on the website. We are in the process of making more and expect to have them ready for Christmas. Stay Tuned.

Surf Meal Library

Currently reading..

Only a few chapters in, I am finding this a fascinating read. The book follows a conversation between a professor and his pupil as they debate and discover the fundamentals of Adlerian Psychology. Already there are some really empowering messages such as our ability to control our thoughts and emotions. That we can choose to change our situations, and that all problems can be distilled into problems of interpersonal relationships. Being a Surf Mealer is not just about being an epic surfer - it is about being an epic human, That is why we will share the books we find interesting. Have any books to recommend or thoughts to share? I love discussing such topics and would be stoked to hear about the books taking your interest at the moment.

Team rider news



This hell man has been on our radar for a while. Since we met him at the Von! Boards shaping

bay earlier in the year. Owen charges huge waves, snowboards and skates - basically lives it! An ethos Surf Meal totally agrees with. We look forward to sharing his adventures with you.

- Follow Owen at @wavering_emoceans



Ned has been on a trip of a lifetime over a Nias and has been scoring some epic sessions and luckily has all the footage to back it up . Ned is also a recent addition to the team. We look forward to catching up with talented Yallingup grom this summer.

- Follow Ned @ ned_hart



Sophie Leathers is in WA for the week, on a surf camp sharpening her skills with the legendary Ryan Hardy. By the looks of her latest barrel work those skills are coming on just fine!

- Follow Sophie @ sophie_jayne98

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