Good Vibe - Issue 11 - JUNE 14th 2019

Surf Meal - Good Vibe Issue 11

Margie’s Pro

Over a week has passed since the Margie’s Pro was in town and while a week nowadays is like a year, people are still talking about how good the comp was, in particular the day at ‘The Box’ and Jack Robinson’s performance.

Surf Meal was there from the Trials Day, where the best locals battle it out for a Wild Card spot in the big dance. Conditions were magic, with clean head high and bit waves rolling through all day. Compared to last years 10ft plus in onshore storms, the competitors might have thought they were already on the ‘Dream Tour’. Looking around the car-park and seeing 8/10 competitors eating Surf Bars and drinking Surf Meal’s Hydration Mix was enough to bring tears of joy to our founder Steele’s eyes even though he’ll assure you that it was simply salt spray. Jacob Wilcox and Mia McCarthy surfed great all day and were deserved winners but a big shout out to Cy Cox who was surfed amazing all day getting a number highest heat totals. 

As for the Pro itself, the conditions, the setup and filmography really captured the beauty of the South-West and Tourism WA boss Brodie Carr must have been very pleased.  A big congratulations to Surfing WA for their efforts as they continue, in our humble opinion, to set the standard for professional surfing event organisation.

 Speaking of standards, our good friends Perry Hatchett and his Surf Meal-fuelled team at Water Patrol Australia (WPA) continue to stake their claim as the most professionally drilled and knowledgeable water safety team in the world. It is great to hear that they are starting to be recognised too, Perry was asked by WSL  to provide training, guidance and overwatch for the local water safety team for the Keramas event. Next time you watch the broadcast, give some attention to these guys and you’ll start to appreciate the difference. For example, with WPA, you won’t see competitors rattling around on the sled like a loose tool box in the back of a ute flying down a corrugated road! 

And boy were their efforts rewarded, front row seats to the ‘That Day at The Box’ anyone? Sitting in the channel munching Surf Bars and watching Jack dominate would have been a real treat. Maybe we’ll watch the Margies Pro again if the conditions in Brazil aren’t flash, we might watch it again anyway!

Shirts Arrive

The new ‘Friends of Shirts’ arrived this week and look great. The story around these shirts is largely unknown and pretty cool. Steele met the maker of these shirts ‘Mr Bayu’ in Bali, well before Surf Meal came along, when he became a casualty of the notorious Bali Scooter. On the side of the road with a sideways arm, Steele was rescued and taken to medical care by Mr Bayu and their pair have been great friends ever since. Steele has been there to show his gratitude when Mr Bayu suffered his own family tragedy recently and now the two are stoked to be working together. The shirts have been very popular and we have a few more designs in the pipeline, so stay tuned

New Recipes Samples Out Now!

The very new, Cutback Coffee Surf Protein and the vegan version of Carving Choc Surf protein have just been created and we will have samples of them ready for sale on the website before the weekend. We are looking at these being made available in larger form the end of next week.

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